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About Kingston Lighting

Kingston Lighting was first started 32 years ago by Neil and Shirley McCafferty ; to provide summer jobs for their three teenagers. It is still run by their daughter ; Lisa today. And Neil and Shirley are still in the store or close by assisting Lisa with the running of Kingston Lighting.

Three generations can often be seen working beside each other; Rebecca, who has returned again to St. Mary's for her fourth year studies in Halifax and then next spring will travel to the University of Limerick in Ireland to study for her final semester!! We wish her well in Halifax and Ireland. And, maybe the older generations at Kingston Lighting might just have to jump the pond for a little visit (and to try the Guinness)...

So stop in for a visit to our showroom to see all the lastest products and our ever changing array of lamps, mirrors, fans, furniture, landscape lights, and under-counter lighting. If we can be of any more assistance to you call us at 613-548-8397 and let us know how we can help you. It's our pleasure!     

Lighting Retailers in Kingston

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