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Just like other lights there are guidelines for choosing and hanging outdoor fixtures….


The size and location of the outdoor fixtures is important.The biggest mistake home owners make is putting too small of lights up. But with the right size and style of lights you will provide security, direct visitors and provide beautiful curb appeal.

The garage lights generally are the biggest lights, but this may vary. A good rule of thumb is that the lights should be a third to a quarter the height of the doorway.

The front door provides curb appeal and security. The front door lights are usually either medium or large outdoor wall lights. If your house is a single story versus a multi-story may change the size of the lights. Again the wall light should be a third to a quarter the height of the door. When hanging the light take into account that the height should be approximately 66” off the ground.

The rear door is sometimes called a man door. These doors are for function and often have the small outdoor wall lights.


In general the ceiling lights should be hung up at approximately 6” above the center of the door. And must maintain 7’ of height beneath it to the floor.

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