Ceiling fans provide both function and style in any space. They circulate the air in your room and are available in many styles to coordinate with your unique look; be it modern, traditional, transitional, art deco, vintage, or costal. There is also a new category of fans; smart fans. You can use wifi to connect these fans to your phone or smart home system.

When choosing a ceiling fan there are many things to take into account…..

Ceiling height: If your ceiling is 8’ the fan should be a hugger. If your ceiling is higher than 9’ a downrod should be used. Keep in mind to meet hydro code there should be 7’ of clearance for walking under the fan.

Room Size: Your ceiling fan size will be dependent on the size of the room. If a fan is too small you will constantly be running it on high to try and cool the room. A good rule of thumb is….

90 square feet or less 15”-42” blades
90-100 square feet 44”-48”
100-150 square feet 50”-54”
Over 150 square feet 56” or larger

Function: Is the fan to move some air? Are you heating your house with a woodstove? If yes a fan that moves a lot of air would spread the heat in the winter. But, come summer it would cool the room.

Design: A lot of ceiling fan blades have two sides. Each side has a different colour, this provides the opportunity to change the style.

Fan Companies: Monte Carlo, Kichler, Fanimation, Vaxcel, Kendal, Craftmade

Companies with Fandeliers: Quoizel, Maxim

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Exterior fans

Indoor ceiling fans can have any rating wet, damp or dry will all work indoors. So the sky is the limit, simply choose your favourite.

Outdoor ceiling fans are designed for the elements and so we must consider the environment they will be used in:

  • D -Damp rated fans require a over head cover ie a porch or roof.
  • W- Wet rated fans can be exposed to the weather and can be used on pergolas, lanais or open porches.
  • W+/ Coastal Weather+ or Coastal fans are designed to withstand wet rated areas plus combat effects of environmental factors like saltwater spray and UV rays.

AC ceiling fans are commonly used residentially as they are easy to install, use and control. They are generally three speed, forward and reverse. They can be mounted on the same circuit and are compatible with many controls.

DC ceiling fans are quieter, and use less energy . They are usually six speeds , forward and reverse and are light weight. You are only able to mount up to two per circuit and they are not recommended for multiple fan applications.

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