Interior Lighting

Any fixture, wall light or lamp used to illuminate the interior of your home. These include lights for kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, hallways, stairways and family rooms. They can be used to illuminate and enhance a particular area in your home.

How To Light Your Room

  • What is the purpose of your lighting? Is it ambience, accent, task, or general lighting?
    • Ambience lighting is softer lighting to create a relaxed environment or mood.
    • Often used when you’re entertaining. For example, table or floor lamps, wall sconces.
    • Accent lighting is used to highlight a specific area or feature of your room. For example, spotlights or track lights
    • Task lighting for lighting specific areas, often used when you’re working in an area. For example, recessed lights in kitchens, and track lights in offices.
    • General lighting is to light up a room or zone. Everywhere, not a specific spot. For example, flush or semi flushmounts.
  • Rooms like kitchens need a combination of these lighting types. For example, task lighting for prep areas, ambience and general lighting for eating areas. The kitchen is a multifunctioning area in your house.

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Chandeliers are a fixture that hangs from a ceiling and has multiple arms, often a fancier or more ornate that other lights in the home. They’re commonly used in a dining room, large entryway, or possibly in a master bedroom. These are fixtures people will see and often are grander than other lights in your home. These fixtures are to add a touch of elegance and luxury in the focal areas. Often, they have accents of glass, crystal, metal, or wood.

Flush & semi-flush lights

Flush mount lights are mounted directly to the ceiling and are often used with lower ceiling heights. Using these can help create and open and airy feeling in a lower ceiling.

Semi-flush mount lights usually have a short body or stem (less than 6”) that lifts them off the ceiling slightly . These fixtures are approx. 12-18” total height.

Many homes only have 8-foot ceilings and are constrained to semi and flush mount fixtures. These are practical fixtures used in areas with lower ceilings. Areas such as hallways, laundry rooms, the middle of kitchens, living rooms, and bedrooms. Aesthetically these can vary greatly, but the main purpose is to give light in areas with lower ceilings. There are small flush mount/semi-flush mounts for in closets and hallways. These can have fabric or glass shades; clear, clear seeded, or frosted. Areas such as bedrooms and the living room generally have larger lights to light up the rooms. Whereas hallway lights just need to light up a 3-to-4-foot area. There are many different styles, from ultra-modern integrated LEDs with clean lines and minimal details to traditional tiffany.

Pendant lights

Pendant lights are light fixtures that are either mini 2”-&” diameter or regular 8” and up ; and they hang on either a thick cord or by rods. They are commonly used to hang over an island, in a stairway or in a hallway.

Pendant size for islands is something people stress about. Most of the time though people tend to choose too small. This is because the oversized pendant is a newer style. A good rule of thumb for two pendants is to have them each a quarter the length of the island. For three pendants an eighth of the island length is best.

A factor to take into consideration is the height of your ceiling. For a lower ceiling you need a pendant that is shorter. On a tall ceiling you need a longer pendant. On a high ceiling 10’-12’ or higher, a short pendant less than 12” in height would disappear. So, to fill up some of the space you need a longer body.

When hanging pendants keep between 6”-12” away from the end of the island. In this way no one is running into the pendants. Hang the pendants between 32”-36” above the top of your counter. This measurement is high enough no one will bump their head, but low enough to light your counter.

Bathroom lights

There are three different types of lights that we use in bathrooms:

  • Vanity lights are lights used above a sink and mirror in a bathroom. Usually on a bar to light down onto the vanity below.
  • Single wall sconces used to light a mirror and vanity from either side . These look interesting if you are tired of the traditional above the mirror look.

  • In a bathroom we usually would install one ceiling light either in the center of the room or above the tub

Lighting the vanity can be done in a variety of ways. You can light from the sides with wall sconces or a new trend is to light with pendants. Another option is the tried-and-true lighting from above the mirror.

Lighting over a free-standing tub can add some sophistication to the design of the room. For example, a small chandelier can hang on a ceiling over 9’. A beautiful semi-flush or flushmount on an 8’ ceiling.

In a shower make sure to put up a wet rated light or recessed light. This will provide light so you can read the shampoo bottle!

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